About the client

The client is a global company using Amazon Web Service through a AWS partner in Japan. They rely on AWS infrastructure to deploy and enable access to a diversity of services for their employees and customers globally.

Project Overview

  • Overview: Our technical support engineers give customers help on technical issues and additional guidance to operate their infrastructures in the AWS cloud platform.
    • “How to” questions about AWS service and features.
    • Best practices to help customers successfully integrate, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud.
    • Troubleshooting AWS API and AWS SDK issues.
    • Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with AWS resources.
    • Issues with AWS Management Console or other AWS tools.
    • Problems detected by Health Checks.
  • Industry: IoT, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Business Analytics.
  • Country: Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand
  • Technologies:
    • AWS services: Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon CloudFront, Amazon VPC, Amazon SNS, AWS Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, AWS Autoscaling, AWS IAM, etc. 
    • Operating Systems: Ubuntu, RHEL, Windows.
    • Web servers: Nginx, Apache, IIS.
    • Email services: Postfix, Sendmail.
    • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server. 
    • Programing languages: Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, Go language, etc. 
  • Team size: 6 certified AWS technical support engineers.
  • Collaboration model: Offshore Development Center (ODC).
  • Software development type/phase: Technical support service.


  • Our AWS support engineers must work to provide support for a very broad range of AWS services (about 200 AWS services).
  • Because our client is a global company with multi-country employees and multi-location offices, our AWS engineers must provide support to the end-users in both English and Japanese and cope with timezone differences. 


  • Luvina chooses from our AWS-certified engineers with good English communication skills to join the project.
  • Japanese Communicators and Bridge Engineers are also added to the team to resolve language and communication gaps.