About the client

Luvina’s Client is the No. 1 GDS company in Japan providing the reservation and ticketing system and related products for travel agents, deploying more than 20,000 reservation and ticketing terminals (as of 2019), and connecting with more than 350 airlines worldwide.

Project Overview

Since 2018, the client has entrusted Luvina Software with the creation, integration, and maintenance of the No. 1 GDS software systems in Japan that the client owns and operates.

The software systems in the client’s ecosystem that Luvina was tasked with developing require the processing of a significant number of functions, processes, and transactional data, and they serve a wide variety of end users (Company’s employees, travel agencies and their employees, air ticket agencies and their employees, tourists, etc.).

  • Industry: Information Technology, Travel & Hospitality.
  • Country: Japan
  • Technologies:
    • Infrastructure: AWS (cloud native).
    • Back-end: C#, JAVA SPRING.
    • Front-end: ReactJS, etc.
  • Team size: ~10 Engineers.
  • Collaboration model: Offshore Development Center (ODC).
  • Software development type: Analysis, Design, Implementation (Development/Coding), Testing, Integration, Maintenance (Operation & Support).


  • GDS is a large system with complex specialized operations, including tools that are tightly integrated into an overall system with many users participating in it (subsystems from internal, external, etc.), organizations and individuals within the organization are partners in providing and exploiting data, and organizations are end-user clients…).
  • High volume of transactions and data processing, real-time response, and stringent requirements for dependability.
  • The system’s extensive libraries, tools, and GDS-specific functions necessitate the participation of a team of well-trained programming engineers.
  • The majority of the projects allocated to Luvina require a team of engineers to engage in the requirements analysis stage, working directly with the end-user to identify software requirements. This requires a proficient level of expertise in business analysis and on-site operations during the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Regarding technological and engineering aspects, the client required Luvina to propose and design technical solutions and architecture for the system, necessitating that Luvina must provide the project with highly qualified Solution Architects to ensure the system satisfaction of high security, adequate load capacity, and stability, providing long-term scalability.
  • India-based software service providers specializing in GDS and the tourist industry exert a considerable deal of competitive pressure on Luvina.


  • Engineers working onsite in Luvina Japan’s subsidiary were provided to gain professional training and technical knowledge directly from clients (LinX, Sabre). Those engineers then retrained the offshore team in Vietnam to meet the project’s input requirements.
  • The offshore team in Vietnam consists of senior Solution Architects and engineers who are technically proficient and capable of analysis and design.
  • Surveying and professional analysis are assigned to bridge engineers at Luvina Japan who are good at BA working onsite.


  • Products and project results requested by the client are always completed by Luvina’s Onsite and Offshore team with high quality and delivered on schedule. Luvina continues to be trusted by The Client for long-term cooperation with a steady growth of workload every year. The Client has also transferred the entire offshore outsourcing contract from a major partner in India to Luvina for comprehensive cooperation.
  • The outsourcing partnership with Luvina has helped the client to reduce costs and devote more resources to market expansion and client support while maintaining their No. 1 position in the Japanese market.