About the client

  • NRI is Japan’s largest IT and management consulting firm. They specialize in system integration and application development for enterprises in the financial and retail industries.
  • Since 2009, Luvina has been honored to collaborate with NRI and recognized as an “F partner” – a firm with high competence, strong technical response, and notably a high degree of information security that has substantially contributed to the growth of their company.
  • Over 13 years of cooperation, Luvina has completed many projects for NRI in the following fields: sales systems, stocks, securities, banking, insurance, etc.

Project Overview

  • Overview: Luvina maintains the back-end and middle-end of an industrial machine manufacturing company’s B2B e-commerce website, which is built on the Magento 2 E-commerce platform. The website offers software services to end clients who own or use the company’s industrial machines.
  • Industry: Software, Industrial machines, e-commerce.
  • Country: Japan.
  • Technologies: Magento, PHP, Python.
  • Team size: Avg. 10 Magento developers per month.
  • Collaboration model: Offshore Development Center (ODC).
  • Software development type: Analysis, Design, Development (coding), Testing & Integration, Deployment, Maintenance (Operation & Support).


  • This is the first Magento E-commerce system development and maintenance project for Luvina Software. Luvina is actively involved in the business design of the back-end administration activities of large-scale e-commerce websites within the industry of specialist software for industrial machine control. Prior to accepting the position, Luvina had limited expertise with Magento and a severe lack of qualified Magento programmers.
  • The client’s system requires a high load capacity and generates requests to change/update APIs on a monthly basis, on average.
  • As a maintenance project, the work packages allocated to Luvina are frequently challenging to anticipate in advance in terms of size and workload, deployment needs, and release requirements in a relatively short period of time. This requires Luvina to maintain a high level of human availability. 


  • Initially, Luvina prioritized the most qualified Magento professionals for the project. The rapid implementation of one-on-one training and the creation of an internal experience documentation system accelerated the onboarding of engineers for the next phases of the project.
  • Luvina always responds swiftly and flexibly to the number of developers required for each step of a project, and the fast-onboarding period enables clients to optimize costs despite the constantly constrained Magento market.
  • Depending on the size of each work package or project assigned by the Customer, Luvina flexibly applies the Waterfall or Agile project management or software development model, especially the KANBAN-style work management method. Work is broken down into individual tasks; project groups meet to assign work, discuss, and check daily progress.


  • After more than two years of implementation, the Client’s assigned task packages have always been completed on time and to the highest standards. Clients continue to trust and select Luvina for system maintenance and development of new projects due to their satisfaction.
  • Luvina has amassed expertise in Magento design and development and assembled a sizable team of Magento developers who are always available to take on new projects.