About the client

Luvina’s client is a Japanese software company specializing in the development, sales, and maintenance of various solutions that support digital transformation (DX) including:

  • CMS (Content Management System) and CXM (Customer Experience Management) using digital marketing technology.
  • RPA (Robotics Process Automation), BPM (Business Process Management).
  • VR (Virtual Reality).
  • Management Consultant.

Project Overview

  • Overview: The client assigns Luvina to perform software development tasks including:
    • Maintain the core system, and core modules of Heartcore CMS/CXM including investigating – testing – bugs fixing, modification and upgrading, and new development.
    • Deploy, maintain, and support Heartcore CMS/CXM projects for the end-clients, which includes: Deploying, migrating, upgrading, investigating – testing – bugs fixing, new development, or functions/modules customization.
  • Industry: Digital Marketing, Software (Content Management System, Customer Experience Management).
  • Country: Japan.
  • Technologies:
    • Back-end: JAVA, JSP.
    • Database: Maria DB/My SQL.
    • Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • Team size: ~16 engineers per month.
  • Collaboration model: Offshore Development Center (ODC).
  • Software development type: Analysis & Design, Implementation (Coding), Testing, Integration, Deployment, Maintenance & Support.


  • In the field of Content Management (CMS) and Customer Digital Experience (CXM), HeartCore is an enterprise-level CMS/CXM system that requires a very high level of security, systematicity, stability, and strictness in software architecture design and programming, as well as a high load capacity and a requirement for each member of the project to have expertise in Digital Marketing.
  • Almost Heartcore CMS/CXM’s end-clients are large enterprises with complex business requirements that require programmers to not only program custom interfaces (HTML, CSS, Javascript, template) like regular CMS projects, but also to design the system architecture of the core CMS and develop new or customized extension modules.


  • Recognizing that Heartcore is a well-known enterprise-level CMS/CXM framework with high and stable growth potential in the Japanese and international markets, Luvina has invested in building a team of highly qualified engineers with technical and professional knowledge of HeartCore, as well as strong management skills. In addition to simple duties such as establishing CMS/CXM systems and designing interfaces for end-clients, this team can also analyze, design, and execute API programming, custom programming, upgrade the core system, create new extensions, etc.


  • High-quality projects were released on time by Luvina Software.
  • In the beginning, clients only outsource minor testing and deployment tasks, while partners in the UK and India perform higher-level However, within a short period, the client has entrusted Luvina Software with more challenging development projects that demand intervention in the system’s foundation in addition to editing, updating, and establishing new system extensions.