About the client

  • NRI is Japan’s largest IT and management consulting firm. They specialize in system integration and application development for enterprises in the financial and retail industries.
  • Since 2009, Luvina has been honored to collaborate with NRI and recognized as an “F partner” – a firm with high competence, strong technical response, and notably a high degree of information security that has substantially contributed to the growth of their company.
  • Over 13 years of cooperation, Luvina has completed many projects for NRI in the following fields: sales systems, stocks, securities, banking, insurance, etc.

Project Overview

  • Overview: Luvina builds and maintains the business management software systems for insurance services of Japanese companies which are NRI’s clients.
  • Industry: Information Technology, Banking – Finance – Securities – Insurance (BFSI).
  • Country: Japan
  • Timeline: 2009 – now.
  • Technologies: Cobol, JCL, DB2, HAPF, HULFT, CICS.
  • Team size: 40 engineers, expected to reach 60 engineers in 2023.
  • Collaboration model: Offshore Development Center (ODC).
  • Software development type: Analysis, Design, Implementation (Development/Coding), Testing, Integration, Maintenance (Operation & Support).


  • Capacity, professional experience, quality, and advancement are Luvina’s greatest challenges when working with a large partner like NRI. NRI needs Luvina to satisfy strict security and technological requirements to eventually replace Chinese partners.
  • In terms of the financial business, Luvina must constantly aim for continual learning so that NRI may trust and choose to replace Japanese partners in the system design process.
  • This is an important and long-term project that requires Luvina to participate in all phases, including analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, maintenance, and operation. There are times when a significant amount of personnel must be mobilized in a short term, and the project demands an increasing number of highly experienced engineers each year. This necessitates that Luvina is capable of coordinating and optimizing the utilization of internal human resources and has a long-term investment and training strategy. 


  • Luvina quickly adopted international standards such as ISO quality management system standard 9001 (2006), information security management standard ISO 27001 (2011), and quality process management standard for software development CMMI level 3 to satisfy the stringent requirements for project management capacity, software development process, and security (information safety) (2012).
  • Luvina has built a core team of engineers comprised of highly skilled professionals with years of experience executing significant projects in the domains of finance, banking, and retail, who are qualified to satisfy the criteria. client floor design criteria are quite stringent. Luvina invests consistently in internal training via Luvina Academy, specialist seminars, the Luvina Experts system, and “real battle” training for each project, therefore assuring the quality of human resources for projects that continue to grow.
  • In terms of software project management, the Luvina team is always ready to adapt flexibly to apply multiple software project management methods, such as Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, etc. based on the specifics of each project to achieve stringent quality and progress standards.
  • The assistance of the onsite team in Japan: In order to meet the execution of certain “onsite” requirements owing to the unique characteristics of the project, engineers from Luvina Japan are ready to get on board as required.


  • Overall, this is a “large project” that has been implemented by Luvina for more than 5 years (beginning in 2017), where all work in each stage and sub-project was finished on time and to the specified quality standards NRI. Currently, Luvina continues to work on the project, which is growing in scope each year.
  • Based on the actual results obtained, NRI has recognized Luvina as an “f-partner” — a partner with high knowledge, strong technological response, and a particularly high degree of information security who significantly contributes to the development of NRI.
    * f-partners are considered reliable partners with a potential for sustained growth within NRI’s client partnership system.