About the client

Luvina’s client is a well-known Japanese System Integration company and their subsidiary in Vietnam. The client has more than 30 years in the business and provides Information Systems related services including:

  • Consulting and Solution Services
  • Design and Development
  • Operations Management and Maintenance Services
  • Investigation, Analysis, Evaluation, and Technical Support.

Luvina Software JSC has been selected by the client as their strategic partner to undertake multiple software development projects across diverse industries including but not limited to Insurance, Securities, E-Commerce, Business Management Software, Travel, and Real Estate.

Project Overview

  • Overview: Luvina plays a vital role in maintaining a life insurance management system for a leading Japanese corporation. Since the project’s inception in 2021, a dedicated team of six skilled engineers has been committed to ensuring its smooth operation. As the client’s business continues to grow, the demand for advanced features and updates has surged, necessitating additional resources from Luvina. Consequently, Luvina has deployed more talented engineers to meet the client’s evolving needs.
  • Industry: BFSI (Banking, Finance, Securities, Insurance).
  • Country: Japan.
  • Technologies: Java, Struts, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Asteria, Oracle, RPA. 
  • Team size: ~12 engineers per month.
  • Collaboration model: Offshore Development Center (ODC).
  • Software development type: Maintenance (each sub-project involves Design, Coding, Testing, Integration, and Deployment).


  • The project demands the Project Manager to be highly adaptable and readily available, as the workload arrangement allows for a great deal of flexibility. A large number of new features may required to be completed in a very short period at anytime.
  • Luvina also participates in the software analysis and design phase, which requires the Business Analysts and Solution Architects in the development team to be trained, surveyed, and fully understand the insurance business that the software system manages to provide detailed designs for the programming team.


  • Luvina draws from our rich talent pool of experienced software engineers in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) to assemble a dedicated development team. This team comprises skilled PMs, BRSEs, BAs, SAs, Java developers, and front-end developers, who work together seamlessly to meet the client’s needs for speed and flexibility, with a focus on delivering high-quality results.
  • Luvina Software JSC ensures security and intellectual property protection by providing a dedicated office space equipped with a highly secure IT infrastructure, which includes a security control system and dedicated lease lines. To maintain confidentiality, all project members are required to work within a “sandbox” development environment through VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). This approach helps to create a secure and safe working environment for the team to develop and deliver projects to clients with the utmost care and protection.


  • Luvina has successfully accomplished all the objectives of every sub-project within the system maintenance project, including progress, product quality, and professional software engineering services. As a result, the client has chosen Luvina as their partner for the next stage of this expanding maintenance phase. This demonstrates the high level of trust and confidence that the client has in Luvina’s ability to deliver quality work and provide outstanding software engineering services.