About the client

Luvina’s client is a system integrator that specializes in delivering software solutions and IT services to the Japanese electrical industry. In terms of technical capabilities, personnel, procedures, security, information safety, etc., the client has directly evaluated and examined Luvina Software JSC for over a year via dozens of Luvina’s office visits and evaluations in Kawasaki, Hanoi, and Da Nang before signing the partnership agreement in 2019.

Project Overview

  • Overview: The client entrusted Luvina with many software development, migration, and maintenance projects for the digital transformation of a large Japanese power firm (Software system to collect service fees, electricity bills, etc.).
  • Industry: Electricity.
  • Country: Japan.
  • Technologies: COBOL, JAVA.
  • Team size: Avg. 5~10 engineers per month.
  • Collaboration model: Offshore Development Center (ODC).
  • Software development type: Maintenance (Coding, Updating, Upgrading, Testing, Deploying).


  • The size of client software systems supporting the energy business is enormous, necessitating extremely high levels of security, controllability, and adherence to distinct processes and standards. The evaluation, inspection, and compliance monitoring are conducted by the client several times a year.
  • The core part of the system was built by COBOL, which is not a ubiquitous technology; it is reserved for mainframe systems and huge transaction systems (usually used in finance, banking, etc.).
  • The project often requires Luvina to provide onsite personnel.


  • COBOL is a technology strength of Luvina Software, which has years of expertise executing big software projects in finance, banking, and insurance industries for significant Japanese organizations; thus, Luvina has an edge in terms of people resources. Nowadays, Luvina has close to one hundred in-house COBOL programmers in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Japan who are always available for work.
  • Regarding quality standards, methods, and quality management in software development, as well as the ability to oversee information security and safety, Luvina Software employs a strict management system, rules, and processes., which are certified by ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and CMMi Level 3. In addition, Luvina possesses premium IT infrastructure to solely serve VIP clients, such as private workplaces. Each project, which has its transmission line and security control system, satisfies the highest client expectations.
  • Regarding the electronic industry as well as its processes and system operations per the Customer’s unique needs, Luvina sends a team of qualified engineers to attend training sessions hosted by the Client for several months to fulfill the standards before joining the project.


  • Luvina always delivers customer-assigned projects and work packages on time and to the highest quality standards.
  • Customers frequently desire long-term partnerships (4 years by the end of 2022) and continue to assign Luvina projects with growing volume and complexity.