What do you know about data security in IT outsourcing? This is considered a key factor for both providers and customers when using IT outsourcing services. It is also the premise for the emergence of ISO 27001 certification – a system of standards to assess the information security capabilities of IT service providers and a basis for customers to choose reputable providers.

Nowadays, using IT outsourcing is no longer unfamiliar to businesses. However, sharing sensitive information with external companies poses significant data security risks. To mitigate these risks, the ISO 27001 certification was introduced, creating an effective information security management system. In the following article, let’s explore what is ISO 27001 and the importance of this security certification when using outsourcing IT services.

Data security IT outsourcing
Data security in IT outsourcing is a critical issue.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 was developed based on the importance of data security. So, what is ISO 27001? What benefits does it bring to businesses, especially those providing IT outsourcing services?

1. Definition

ISO 27001 is a global information security management standard. It was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). ISO 27001 provides a structured approach to keep the important information of a company safe, confidential, and available when needed.

The primary goal of ISO 27001 is to set up, maintain, and continually improve an information security management system (ISMS) within an organization.

Obtaining ISO/IEC 27001 certification shows that an organization has established and implemented excellent information security processes. However, not all organizations opt for certification; some utilize the Standard as a framework to adopt a best-practice approach to information security.

Data security IT outsourcing
What does ISO 27001 mean for businesses?

2. Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification 

ISO 27001 holds significant importance for a business, and below are the top 4 key benefits of this data security certification:

a – Limiting security threats

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that your business has the necessary tools to reinforce data security. As a result, you can avoid security threats such as external cyber-crime intrusions and data breaches caused by internal actors’ errors.

b – Avoiding regulatory penalties

By obtaining ISO 27001 certification, businesses can show the authorities their serious adherence to regulations regarding information security and safety. As a result, businesses can avoid penalties for non-compliance with data security requirements.

c – Demonstrating business reputation

A business holding ISO 27001 certification can prove to its partners that data security is of paramount importance to the organization. Consequently, the business can enhance its reputation with existing customers and seize opportunities to collaborate with new clients.

Data security IT outsourcing
ISO 27001 certification enhances the credibility of the business in the eyes of customers.

d – Reducing the frequency of regular audits

ISO 27001 certification is recognized worldwide. Owning this certification will instill greater trust in the information security capabilities of the business, thereby reducing the frequency of regular audits requested by customers.

ISO 27001 and the Importance of Data Security in IT sourcing

As mentioned above, information security is one of the top concerns when businesses utilize outsourcing IT services. Therefore, ISO 27001 certification plays an extremely important role for both IT outsourcing service providers and their customers.

1. Demonstrating information security capability

Utilizing IT outsourcing services means sharing critical information and IT processes with an external organization. In this context, ISO 27001 serves as a guarantee for the security of IT outsourcing services, reducing the risks of data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive business information.

2. Providing a competitive advantage for IT outsourcing service providers

Many companies seeking IT outsourcing services consider ISO 27001 certification as a crucial criterion for selecting a provider. Organizations with ISO 27001 certification demonstrate a high level of security, minimizing the risks of data breaches.

For IT outsourcing service providers, possessing this certification not only proves their credibility in data security but also shows their commitment to complying with security regulations. Every customer prefers to work with such a reputable company. Therefore, ISO 27001 can help IT outsourcing businesses expand their customer base and get more contracts.

Besides, ISO 27001 provides an assessment standard for IT outsourcing service providers. Choosing a certified provider ensures that the business works with a reputable and trustworthy partner.

Data security IT outsourcing
Creating a competitive advantage for businesses when providing IT outsourcing services.

3.  Encouraging continuous improvement

ISO 27001 promotes continuous improvement in information security practices. Particularly in today’s landscape, with increasing security threats, continuous improvement can enhance the quality of IT outsourcing services and optimize the benefits for customers using these services.

Understanding the importance of data security in IT outsourcing, Luvina has always upheld the principle of “Valuing data security above all else” throughout more than 20 years of operation since its establishment. At Luvina, all employees receive thorough training on security principles and how to use data security tools. 

With relentless efforts, in 2011, Luvina was honored to receive ISO 27001 certification, the clearest testament to our credibility in data security. Therefore, you can have complete peace of mind when collaborating with Luvina.


Both service providers and customers understand the significance of data security when using IT outsourcing. That’s why ISO 27001 certification has become an international assurance that helps IT outsourcing providers reach a broader customer base and allows customers to choose the most potential service provider.

With ISO 27001 certification, Luvina – a software and IT outsourcing service provider in Vietnam, commits to solid data security for all clients. Luvina acknowledges that information security is crucial to building trust with customers and establishing a solid foundation for the IT outsourcing services they provide.

Through this article, it is hoped that you now have a better understanding of ISO 27001 certification and the importance of data security when using IT outsourcing services. For any inquiries or needs related to IT outsourcing services, please contact Luvina for the most detailed answers.

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced, and professional IT outsourcing partner in Vietnam, contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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