You have long-term software projects with growth potential. You need a competent team of developers to help you along the road. You want to spend less on the hiring process and publish the product quickly. Then, a dedicated development team can be what you are looking for.

By the end of this article, you will know the steps of hiring a dedicated development team, when to hire one, and where to get your dream team. Let’s just read on.

Hire a Dedicated Development Team: Full Guide 2023
Hire a Dedicated
Full Guide 2023
How to Hire
a Dedicated
Development Team
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What is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is a group of remote software developers who work exclusively for your company on a long-term basis. However, they are hired by an outsourcing company like Luvina Software. They are responsible for your project’s complete development cycle, from planning to maintenance and support. Technically, they are your employees. But you do not have to take care of their administrative procedures like human resources, taxes, and the employees’ social benefits. These issues are managed by your outsourcing partner. To summarize, a dedicated development team provides you with hand-picked remote professionals focused on your project. 

How is a Dedicated Development Team Structured?

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Structure of a Dedicated Development Team

A standard dedicated development team consists of these roles. Yet, your team structure can be customized to your needs.

Project Manager

They play the lead role in planning, executing, and completing projects. They take the highest responsibility for delivering the right outcome on time, and on budget.

Tech Leads

Technical leads direct the activities of both backend and frontend engineers. They designate and oversee the implementation of tech designs, define technological stacks, and troubleshoot technical issues.

Business Analyst

A business analyst is a link between the IT team and the business. The main task of a business analyst is to ensure high-quality compliance of a product with the company’s goals and technical specifications.

UI/UX Designers

They need to be responsible for the product’s interface and aesthetics. The main goal of UI/UX designers is to create an attractive style, user-friendly interface, and experience.

Front-end, Back-end Developers

These software development specialists are front-end and back-end programmers. The front-end developers create the visible part of the product:

  • Layout
  • Client programming
  • Performance optimization

Back-end programmers handle the business logic, process data records, and background components.
QA Specialists

QA specialists ensure the application is free of errors and bugs. QA specialists are tasked with bringing the projects to the market task without any tech problems.

DevOps Experts

They work to coordinate the development and operation of the product as well as build comfortable conditions for testing the project requirements.

To ensure your project is completed seamlessly, these experts need to collaborate effectively. They also need to have extensive expertise. Only by choosing a professional and reliable outsourcing company could you guarantee that your dedicated development team is well-rounded and efficient.

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What are the Main Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team?

What are the Main Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team?

What are the main benefits of a dedicated development team?

The advantages of having a dedicated development team are varied. Based on our nearly 2 decades of experience, we will explain the most significant benefits in detail:


More than 70% of the world’s companies have announced enormous savings by outsourcing to a dedicated development team. Outsourcing allows companies to move part of their tasks to a developing country. This means they can take advantage of the lower rates of developers. Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand, for example, are improving to be ideal destinations for low-price outsourcing. Yet, a low price does not mean low quality. These countries are regularly ranked the top countries with the best developers in the world in the last few years.

Hiring a dedicated development team also means zero operational overheads. The companies can save costs of:
Office space, cleaning, and utilities
Training and onboarding new employees
Insurance, taxes, vacations, and sick leave of employees

Your company pays only for the dedicated development team’s salary. You do not have to worry about other expenses because they are covered by your outsourcing partner.

Easy to Manage

By hiring a dedicated development team, you can rest assured of getting regular updates on the progress. When you need to make some change, you can simply delegate it to the project manager and he will implement it with no hassle.
This ensures the business owners are not tied up in daily operations and other time-consuming tasks of the dedicated development team. The whole management process is transparent without the constant attention of the business owners, thus freeing them up for other business tasks.

Faster Development Cycle

A dedicated development team is fully committed to the project. Being 100% focused on the project helps to speed up the response to project changes. The team works in collaboration with the firm and ensures no lag in work and efficiency. So, they can produce more results by the end of the development cycle.
Furthermore, a faster development cycle helps the product to hit the market before another similar product appears. In the fast-changing world of technology, speed of delivery is an enormous competitive advantage for a product, especially an app.

Global Expertise Access

The IT global industry is suffering from a serious talent shortage in many countries. IT professionals rank high in the list of in-demand roles. However, when choosing a dedicated development team, businesses can access a larger pool of talent without border limits. Choosing a reliable outsourcing company will ensure you a large and high-quality talent pool.

Great Flexibility and Fast Scaling

Other collaboration models like Time and Money or Fixed Price have limited flexibility. On the other hand, a dedicated development team is ideal for projects with vague requirements. During the process, the development team can easily adjust to any specification updates or project changes from your company.

Effortless scaling is another attribute of a dedicated development team. You can also change the size of the team even while the work is proceeding. Scaling up or scaling down can be executed in a matter of days. This characteristic of a dedicated development team is superior to an in-house team. You do not have to worry about lengthy recruitment of new talents and complicated procedures of laying off employees.

Signs that You Need a Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated development team can truly benefit your company in a range of scenarios. The good news is both small-sized startups and established enterprises can make good use of a dedicated development team. Let’s take a look at the following scenarios to see which one best describes your business.

A Start-up in the Making

Many start-ups fail at the beginning even though their business ideas are brilliant. The beginning stage is the riskiest as at this point the start-up lacks strong financial resources. Yet, it is in dire need of talents. Finding the right experts at the right time and at the right price could save the day. This is where a dedicated development team can really help.
Also, a startup’s rapid growth often goes with constant changes in requirements for its software team. The flexibility and adaptability of a dedicated development team are a perfect solution to this.

A Company Working on a Long-term Project

A long-term project requires a stable team of professionals at all times. Let’s imagine one of your key in-house developers suddenly resigns. Your whole team will be disrupted. In the worst case, his role or expertise is so unique that you can’t find or hire anyone to substitute for him. This scenario can be avoided if you hire a dedicated development team right from the start. A reliable IT outsourcing partner always has an accessible talent pool to guarantee that any vacancy in the development team can be filled immediately. So, the work process will always go smoothly.

Take Luvina Software as an example. Our company has more than 750+ employees and our talent pool is enriched on a regular basis. This is because we have our own Luvina Academy, where IT talents are nurtured. We are always ready to provide our clients with the most accessible and high-quality workforce to ensure that the work process is not disturbed.

An Organization Tapping into a New Technology

Any company can run into a situation when they wish to enter a new industry or when the existing technology team does not match their needs anymore.

Building a new tech team including recruiting, training, and onboarding may seem to be overwhelming. It takes too much time and money. Besides, the local market may lack professionals with the expertise you need, especially in some cutting-edge technologies like system migration, cloud professional service, and IoT. In addition, even though you can onboard an expert with the skill set you desire, the core team is still the same. This somewhat leads to stagnation in thoughts and ideas and restricts your company’s capacity in the new field you want to explore.

Hiring a dedicated development team, in this scenario, is a good solution. Time and money will be saved and you will have access to the right talents with the right expertise for your new technology. Also, each dedicated development team is a set of professionals handpicked for you. Therefore, the team is perfectly suitable for your new industry or technology.

A Company that Wants to Focus on Its Core Business

As your business flourishes, you’ll have less time and energy for the daily operations of your business. If you want to focus on your core business, hiring a dedicated development team may make sense. It can help free up your time and allow you to take care of other aspects of your business.

In all the above scenarios, dedicated software development can bring significant benefits to your organization. As each case is unique, you should consult your IT outsourcing partner to have a better view of the most suitable collaboration model for your company. Luvina Software is glad to have a free consultation with you. You can book a meeting whenever you have interest.

Steps to Hire a Dedicated Development Team

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Conducting Market Research

Market research is the first and foremost stage when you choose to hire a dedicated development team. It gives you an overview of the market, based on which you can make the most informed decision. We recommend you visit B2B review platforms like,, and These are some areas about an IT outsourcing partner that you should consider:

  • Location for outsourcing
  • Outsourcing developer rates
  • Reviews
  • Level of expertise
  • Tech and industry focus
  • The vendor’s case study/ portfolio

It’s also important to take into consideration the partner’s recent growth. A good service provider in the IT outsourcing industry can scale quickly and their number of employees is a good indicator of their growth.

Choosing a Service Provider

Now you have a list of potential service providers. It is time for you to get detailed information about the company. It is highly recommended to arrange a meeting to gain more insight into the quality and procedures of their service.

You should also care about the size of the vendors’ talent pool. Only with a big talent pool can they choose the most suitable members for your dedicated development team and ensure the immediate provision of more candidates in case you want to scale up. For example, Luvina Software has a big talent pool from our internal training academy (Luvina Academy). This enables our company to quickly provide you with new dedicated specialists. Our 700+ talents also mean we can meet your requests when you need more developers for your dedicated development team.

Defining the Requirements

Consult your outsourcing partner and present your business ideas to receive the project requirements and tech stack for the solution. A detailed requirement document along with general information about your company will help the IT service provider choose the best candidates that fit your team technically and culturally.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • How many and what professionals do you need?
  • What skill set do they need to have?
  • What is your budget?

Interviews with Candidates

After choosing qualified developers for your dedicated development team, your IT outsourcing partner will send you a list of potential candidates. These candidates have already passed the technical and HR interviews and have been approved by your partner.

Next, it is time for your interview with the candidates. This stage allows you to be sure of their expertise and capacity in the necessary tech stack. In this interview, you should focus on their communication and soft business skills.

Set-up and Integration

If interviews go well, you will have your complete dedicated development team. The launch will be fast and easy.

A dedicated development team basically has everything they need to finish your project. However, if you want to keep a close eye on the process, you can appoint someone from your company as a coordinator of the devoted development team.

You should also agree on some communication issues. For example, how often do you want to receive an update on the projects? Or on which platform do you want to communicate with the devoted development team?

Where to hire a dedicated development team

The world is currently offering more than one destination to outsource to: Northern and Southern Europe, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and so on. Among these destinations, Asia stands out as the most cost-saving IT outsourcing destination. But Asia does not just offer cost-saving benefits, it offers a wide range of other competitive advantages too:

  • An enormous young talent pool.
  • Different time zone allows for round-the-clock productivity
  • Talent pools with a wide range of skill sets.
  • Large numbers of English-proficient developers
  • Access to a pool of committed and hard-working engineers.

Let’s take a look at the most ideal countries in Asia where you can hire your best dedicated development company.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a dedicated development team provides you with the benefits of leveraging highly skilled services at a low cost. Besides, it saves you more resources to focus on your key business.

With nearly 20 years of extensive experience in the IT outsourcing industry, Luvina Software understands how hard it is for businesses to hire an efficient and well-round dedicated development team. Therefore, we are committed to providing the most reliable and high-quality service for our clients. Over 350 satisfied clients are living testament to our dedication and trustworthiness.

If you have any concerns about a dedicated development team, you can schedule a free meeting with Luvina Software or leave your questions in the chat. Luvina Software would love to accompany you in your journey to build the best dedicated development company.

Stay tuned to discover more about tips when hiring a development team and mistakes to avoid in this process.

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