More and more companies worldwide are seeking partners experienced enough to take over software outsourcing projects. This article will show you a standard guide to jumpstart. 

Software outsourcing has recently been a much talked about strategy. Software outsourcing brings about multiple benefits, such as lower cost, optimum efficiency, excellent quality, reduced risk, and full access to a large pool of resources.

For these reasons, IT outsourcing service is soaring rapidly. More and more companies worldwide are seeking partners experienced enough to take over software outsourcing. Selecting the right offshore outsourcing partner is crucial for your business. Therefore, it’s essential to ascertain the right offshore agency to fulfill your requirements and standards to solve your pain points. If you don’t know where to start, read below.

  1. List out Top Software Outsourcing Companies

Finding a proper outsourcing partner is not that easy. The first step is to draft an RFP (Request for Proposal). By sending out the RFP, you can check and ensure that the vendor can fulfill your requirements and expectations. This is an excellent way to determine whether an outsourcing team is a good fit. You also consult your social network (business contacts, mentors) to see if they have any recommendations. Another way to research is to divide by location. For example, if you are finding an Offshore outsourcing agency in Asia, you might think about Vietnam, India, and Thailand. If you are finding top software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam, FPT Software, CMC Global, and Luvina Software will be a good choice.

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  1. Can Outsourcing Company communicate effectively with you?

Communication between you and your offshore vendor plays an integral part. Don’t hesitate to call or arrange an online meeting to see if their communication style fits your way. Good communication promotes quality. Online meeting tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, etc., facilitate your team to work more efficiently.

  1. Check out Testimonials from Previous Clients

It’s a good idea to read carefully the software company’s reference portfolio and get in touch with the clients they have cooperated with when you need quality reassurance. It is recommended to make a direct call to the Referral Clients to get their detailed  feedback.

References are helpful but remember to look at their case studies and do your  research. Look through their case studies and achievements to determine whether they are a good fit for your project or not.

  1. Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better

Cheap is good, but it’s not all. When it comes to money, you’d better think about cost – the efficiency balance. Many software development outsourcing companies offer “cheap” fees or “rock-bottom” rates while they deliver poor products. Of course, you should never sacrifice quality for price when outsourcing software development. Whether the outsourcing project is cheap or expensive depends on multiple factors: workload, expertise, specific technologies, project size…

  1. Security and Privacy Policies are a must.

You should discuss the way how software development companies protect your data. An offshore agency should have secured servers to protect sensitive information. Usually, an offshore vendor has strict security policies to keep clients’ sensitive data confidential. For example, Luvina Software, a top software outsourcing company based in Vietnam, often organizes monthly and quarterly Security tests among their staff. The goal is to ensure all project stakeholders are aware of security policies.

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  1. Certifications and Accreditation

Verifying a software outsourcing company’s accreditation and certification plays a vital part in the negotiation process to ensure quality standards, security, and confidentiality. Vendors should be accredited and certified with industry standards. ISO 27001 is especially important for data and systems security.

  1. Professional Liability Insurance

Before starting software development, ensure the outsourcing company has professional liability insurance. Why? Professional liability insurance can help protect your business from potential damages from mistakes or faults.

A significant risk for system development outsourcing is that the project might not come to fruition due to external issues, such as pandemics, natural disasters, or a third party going bankrupt. Therefore, your outsourcing vendor must have a business continuity and risk mitigation plan to help recover from any issues.

  1. Technology Aspect is the utmost factor

Although there are many other aspects to consider when seeking an outsourcing team, do not neglect the technology aspect. For example, your offshore vendor must be proficient in all the programming languages needed for your software development projects. Also, it is indispensable to find out if their software development process aligns with yours. Agile software development is preferred by most companies these days.

  1. The Outsourcing Model should also be considered

There are three main models of outsourcing software development. They are the dedicated developer model, staff augmentation model, and project-based model.

  • Dedicated Team Model

Simply, you will have a dedicated team of highly skilled developers in the technology stack required for your project. Besides, the software development outsourcing company will provide you with fully dedicated resources, so don’t worry about the expertise of the individuals you work with. Many businesses prefer this model because it offers greater control and customization.

  • Staff Augmentation Model

In the staff augmentation model, a software development company adds skilled resources to your existing team. The advantage of this is that you will be provided with any specific skills of top engineers that your team lacks.

  • Project-Based Model

The project-based model involves developers working on a project in a well-defined timeline. The software development company will manage the whole process of developing your product from A to Z. This method can be cost-effective. 

We hope this guide will help you get an overview of the seeking of an outsourcing company. If you need a dedicated and devoted outsourcing partner, please leave your requirements or contact us.

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