Speaking at the seminar, along with representatives from domestic and foreign IT enterprises, the General Director of Luvina Software Joint Stock Company introduced new trends in Vietnam – Japan IT cooperation.

This year’s 15th Japan ICT Day 2022 conference was hosted on November 15, 2022. The event was attended online by more than 500 delegates who are leaders of Vietnam – Japan IT enterprises, IT organizations, IT applications, press units, and leaders of trade promotion organizations of Vietnam and Japan.

On updating the situation of Vietnam-Japan IT cooperation, including current status and trends, Mr. Le Quang Luong – Representative of Luvina Software Joint Stock Company cum VJC President, said: “IT cooperation between Japan and Vietnam shares a history of nearly 20 years. As we can see, the scale and quality of this cooperation are now gradually improving. In addition, services provided by Vietnam have also been more invested, meeting high-quality requirements from clients, not to mention advanced techniques in DX projects (such as AI, BlockChain….) are also being applied, thereby affirming the value of Vietnamese enterprises. We are about to enter the next primordial age with new strength. According to the World Bank forecast, Vietnam’s GDP growth rate can reach an impressive 7.2%. From this year onwards, I believe that the IT cooperation between Japan and Vietnam will achieve more milestones.”

Vietnam Japan ICT day 2022
General Director of Luvina Software Joint Stock Company  cum Chairman of VJC – Mr. Le Quang Luong (top left) is discussing with representatives from Japan and Vietnam.

Also, according to Mr. Le, there are currently 04 main factors affecting the trend of Vietnam-Japan IT cooperation, namely the economy and finance, and Vietnam’s human resources, which are developing in both quantity and quality. As a result, investment costs will increase sharply. Secondly, regarding the global trend, there is a shift in the production market from China to Vietnam, which is a good opportunity for Vietnam. Thirdly, financial-monetary factors such as the recent depreciation of the Yen also significantly affected the trend of cooperation between the two countries. Finally, there is a human resource factor when Generation Z is becoming a new breeze in the labor market.

These factors are both opportunities and challenges for the future Vietnam-Japan IT cooperation relationship, requiring a specific vision from the leaders so that they can perform the correct steps to continue taking advantage of opportunities and promote the stable development of Vietnam-Japan cooperation. “Specifically, IT companies in Vietnam and Japan must improve the quality of their work. Also, it is necessary to set new standards for cooperation trends to prepare ourselves for the new journey,” said Mr. Le Quang Luong during his speech at Japan ICT Day 2022.

Japan ICT Day is an annual event to promote cooperation between Vietnam – Japan IT enterprises hosted by VINASA, Vietnam – Japan ICT Cooperation Committee (VJC) since 2007. The event always receives support and sponsorship from the Ministry of Information and Communications, with the coordination and participation of multiple organizations such as the Embassy of Japan, JETRO, JISA, KEIS, OADC, JASA, JASIPA, CSAJ, JNSA, AJC, JOGA…, along with active participation of the IT business communities of the two countries.

This year, the program was held online via from 13.00 on November 15, 2022, including a seminar and 2 side activities: in which the seminar was held on November 15, 2022, with 5 topics, while the 2 side activities included an Exhibition and B2B matching.

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