On May 28, 2022, more than 500 employees of Luvina Software participated in the 2022 company marathon held at Hoa Binh Park, Hanoi with a total distance of 13.8 km.

The 5th episode of Luvina Marathon Champions Cup still remains in style as it attracted mass participation of Luvina-ers.

marathon 2022 1
Luvina Marathon Champions Cup 2022

This year, the 13.8km distance included a magnificent view of Hoa Binh park with trees and an artificial lake. The organizers have chosen Hoa Binh Park especially to honor one of Hanoi’s symbols – the City of Peace.

The heat is back!

According to the rules, each department shall form a team of 15 runners, including at least three female athletes, participating in three rounds: warm-up, relay, and participation.

What’s new in this year marathon was the organizer added a warm-up run with a distance of 1.4 kilometers, which was expected to finish in 10~12 minutes. Each runner was tested with the first fatigue threshold that would push them to manage to finish the first run.

marathon 2022 2

Surprisingly, the teams made it through the warm-up round with an average of 8~10 minutes, which exceeded the organizer’s expectations. This result proved how thoroughly each team prepared themselves before participating in the competition, and how the endurance of athletes improved.

Unlike the Warm-up round, the Relay round, which covered a total distance of 12.42km, was divided into 27 intervals, with 0.46km per interval. This round emphasized the spirit of solidarity, endurance, and teamwork ability of a team to reach the finish line with the best result.

More than a competition

Returning after a hiatus due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Luvina Marathon Champions Cup 2022 was expected to bring a spiritual boost, encouraging regular cultural and sports activities to improve health and endurance for each member of the Luvina family. Unlike other marathon tournaments, Luvina added a relay round with the desire to raise the spirit of solidarity, cohesion, teamwork and ability to solve the question: How can we achieve the set goals together?

Finally, the champions of the Luvina Marathon Champions Cup 2022 were named: The winner of the Warm-up round is Dev 2, while Turtle Ninjas dominated once again in the Relay round for 5 consecutive years since 2017.

marathon 2022 4
Dev 2 – Winner of Warm-up round Luvina Marathon Champions Cup 2022. Source: Luvina Software
Luvina marathon champion cup 2022
Turtle Ninjas – Winner of Relay round Luvina Marathon Champions Cup 2022 Source: Luvina Software

With a high evaluation of the concept of “Winning yourself is the most important thing, completing each goal step by step creates a solid foundation towards accomplishing the big goal”, the competition finished with outstanding results. More than a competition, each member of the Luvina family together made Marathon Champions Cup 2022 a successful and impressive event with thorough preparation from the concept stage, to the organization to implement.

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