The most exciting summer competition – the 2022 Luvina Swimming Championship was held during the company holiday at FLC Sam Son, Thanh Hoa. This year’s competitor list is truly impressive with the return of hundreds of Luvina athletes after 02 years of absence.

The race is back!

After two years of delay due to COVID-19, 2022 Luvina Swimming Championship returns with an impressive number of participants. 7 teams with more than 200 semi-professional athletes from the company departments gathered in the most exciting competition of Luvina’s summer.

Luvina Software's Swimming Championship 2022 - The Amazing Swimming Race of Coders
Nuong Tua Team at Luvina Swimming Championship 2022

After two rounds of competition, Luvina’s swimmers completed the goal set by each team. “Professional”, beautiful, unique strokes of each swimmer have made their mark at Thanh Hoa’s swimming pool. Indeed, after two years of absence, Luvina’s return to the swim track this year is extremely impressive.

According to the final results, the winner of the championship of the tournament was the Boi, Met, Nghi team from Dev 2 with a record of 21 mins 27.30 secs. The runner-up was Kinh Ngu from Dev 8 with a record 23 mins 05.08 secs. The Penultimate, Consoling and Engagement prizes were then awarded to the teams that performed well in the tournament.

Impressive results from Luvina swimmers

Luvina Swimming Championship is one of the most anticipated annual sporting events in Luvina. In addition to talent and high professional expertise of employees, Luvina aims to convey the message “health is the most valuable asset”. Since then, Luvina would love to spread the habit of exercising for health, practicing sports such as swimming, running, football, etc. among the members.

Boi, Met, Nghi - Winner of Luvina Swimming Championship 2022
Boi, Met, Nghi team – the Winner of Luvina Swimming Championship 2022
Luvina Software's Swimming Championship 2022 - The Amazing Swimming Race of Coders
Kinh Ngu team – The Runner up at Luvina Swimming Championship 2022

With the “Win yourself!” spirit, each athlete participating in the competition left a beautiful impression of effort, team spirit, and joyful smiles, which defines the. This year’s competition becomes even more meaningful when it is held during the summer vacation, and at the 18th anniversary of the establishment of Luvina Software Joint Stock Company.

Each athlete of the Luvina Swimming Championship is a small piece that contributes to a huge puzzle. Each team is an essential factor, together we work and go beyond our limits step by step to reach the finish line successfully. In that way, each member of Luvina has together overcome all difficulties and conquered each challenge to create a successful Luvina that has thrived over the past 18 years.

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