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IT solutions help businesses in many ways, take advantage of them today with Luvina Software.


IT solutions help businesses in many ways, take advantage of them today with Luvina Software.

Luvina’s team of highly experienced developers can either build a new ERP system from the ground up or tailor your existing systems through custom integrations.

✔️ GrandIt
✔️ DynamicAX
✔️ Workday
Luvina’s CMS solution empowers businesses with user-friendly content management tools, streamlining website maintenance and enhancing online experiences.

✔️ Heartcore
✔️ Drupal
Luvina’s CRM solution empowers businesses with powerful tools to enhance customer interactions and driving growth.

✔️ Salesforce
Luvina Software’s POS solution offers efficient and intuitive point-of-sale systems to optimize business operations and enhance customer service.

✔️ Scan & Go
We aim to provide top-notch E-commerce solutions for customers to help their businesses compete in the digital age and meet the changing needs and expectations of customers.

✔️ Magento
End-to-end testing checks the functionality and performance of a software application from start to finish. Luvina’s End-to-end testing solution ensures the reliability, usability, and security of a software application.
Luvina’s cloud architecture design solution provides comprehensive information to help address cloud adoption and optimization mechanisms. We will provide you with a customized solution based on your needs, meeting requirements such as: integrating infrastructure and platform strategies, enhancing security, etc
Luvina offers Serverless Computing services, a cloud model where developers run applications without managing infrastructure. It offers a pay-per-use pricing model, where developers only pay for the resources they consume when their code is executed.
Data transfer can be achieved through various methods. At Luvina, we have experience in implementing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and CDC (Change Data Capture) pipelines. Each method has its own objectives and benefits. Contact our consultants to learn more.
Luvina provides security solutions for IT systems and software, meeting international and Japanese standards. IT security is vital, so protect your software/system with Luvina.
A Super-App solution offers a seamless and personalized user experience, along with new business opportunities. Super-Apps and Mini-apps are rapidly evolving. Let Luvina help you stay at the forefront of the app trend with high-quality products.
Save time in software development with our Rapid Development Framework. It’s a collection of libraries, methods, and reusable objects that follow the Rapid Application Development paradigm, streamlining your work.
A CMP is software that helps create, manage, and deliver content across channels and devices in a flexible, scalable, and adaptable way. With our ongoing creative capabilities, Luvina can apply CMP solutions tailored to your requirements, enabling your business to deploy more effective marketing campaigns.
Luvina implements PLM software projects to help clients develop, produce, and maintain products efficiently, collaboratively, and sustainably, With a commitment to meeting Japanese quality standards and global security standard, Luvina takes pride in our experience in implementing PLM software projects.
Big data is a powerful tool that can bring enormous benefits. Luvina helps clients use big data to improve customer satisfaction, gain an edge, and boost efficiency. You can also collaborate with Luvina to create value with IT.

Let’s talk about what you need?

Luvina is always ready to craft innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contact our consultants directly to receive a specialized service for your project or company today!

What sets us apart
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Proven Quality
& Reputation

Established since 2004, our commitment to excellent and stable quality has earned recognition from hundreds of Japanese clients.

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& Adaptability

Our flexible and adaptable team empowers you to choose the working model and technology stacks that suit your requirements.

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Comprehensive IP
Security Solutions

Our infrastructure adheres to international standards, guaranteeing the highest level of protection for your IP.

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Highly skilled and diverse team proficient in multiple languages, ensuring effective communication and overcoming language barriers with ease.

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Full Stack Services

With our “one-stop service” approach, we cater to all your software development needs.

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With a never-give-up attitude, we go the extra mile to ensure that every challenge is met with determination and perseverance, delivering successful outcomes for our clients.


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